maison marcoux mexico / paris

sylvain marcoux, fundador

a editor house in mexico and a apartment-showroom in paris will complete the desire of sharing human capital, intelligence, know-how, beauty and will enrich the creative culture. essential for me to the development and innovation:

re-designing / re-converting

by connecting a designer, an european well-known artist, avant-garde or emerging one with artisans from differerent regions of mexico, the creativity, manufacturing made in mexico will allow these workshops of ideas and savoir-faire to integrate into a cultural and commercial circuit haut de gamme and luxury market.

a new inheritance will be created by the force of innovation and knowledge while serving the traditions of various communities of craft and the sense of identity unique to each.
to see objects with a new eye again by celebrating union and synergy of cultures, generations, continents; here are the future traditions by creating wealth in each territory, maison marcoux mexico will rely on a viable business model to meet artistic demand and meet social, ecological, strict reliability, ethical and fair criteria. every realized product will have an impact for craft communities, the environment and the planet.

the aim of this project is to join a high-end cultural and commercial circuit and to propose a new heritage through the force of innovation while preserving the traditions and sense of identity of each.