lalo martinez - artesano

lalo martinez, a young craftsman, lives and works in santa maria atzompa, a pottery town five kilometers from oaxaca in mexico.

coming from a family of traditional ceramists, he creates and designs classic, figurative, contemporary, innovative and original collections.
from the art of the table to the sculptures, he turns the earth according to the ancestral mexican savoir-faire with fantasies and rigor.

working with clay, he uses different techniques and finishes: engobes mixed with natural earth, cold polychromy, patinas with pigments and wax, raku, enamelling of different colors and different techniques.

he collaborated with national and international artists such as mariana castillo deball, tania candiani, bayrol jiménez, rolando martínez, luis zarate, armando guerrero and retna.

he has exhibited at the museum of contemporary art of oaxaca (MACO), the gallery vagamundo, the art gallery of oaxaca, the community museum of santa maría atzompa, the museum of the archeological area of ​​monte albán, the museum of the former convent of vuilapam, the former convent of santo domingo yanhuitlan, the rufino tamayo museum, the cultural and congress center of the state of oaxaca, los pinos, city of mexico.

for maison marcoux mexico, he realized in barro negro thecollection mezcalienne, designed by the french designer constance guisset.
the series of 7 vases, the penacho carafe and the sombrero table is a limited series, signed and numbered, of fifty unique exemplars.