las pelagrinas - artesanias mexicanas de los reyes metzontla

in the typical mexican village of los reyes metzontla, all  women know the trade of pottery, since the ladies are given the task of transmitting the knowledge to their daughters, who in turn learn it as a game and at the same time practice it to perfect the technique in the future. the popoloca women of this community have a skill to lift the pieces only with the molding of the hands and in the material of the clay.

the pieces that were made in los reyes metzontla were pots, casseroles, comales, bowls and ducklings, which were used for cooking. now they have adapted to the new market by designing new pieces one hundred percent natural, such as cups, plates, fruit bowls, lamps, pots with lids, vases, animal figures, etc. … and for maison marcoux mexico / paris , the set of tables designed by adan carabes. but respecting the essence, shapes, simplicity and elegance of the characteristic style of the material and community.

the transcendental work of the village’s grandmothers is recognized, as they are the continuators of tradition and the promoters of culture, those who teach the language, and those who managed to break borders.


adan carabes


adán cárabes leads a team of young creative architects, industrial designers and specialists in sustainable architecture, who share the mission of enlighting in each of their projects the holistic mentality and commitment to sowing the seeds of social and civic awareness. originality, dynamism, honesty, commitment and empathy, are some of the values ​​of his team, without losing the flavor and freshness characteristic of adán cárabes. the architect and designer.

«I am inspired by the people, their lifestyle and their personality. i am inspired by the personal stories of each of my clients, and how to make their dream come true. i am inspired by the challenge of being able to make a unique and unrepeatable project, being able to reinvent myself every time a new project comes to my studio, it is a total emotion. »

however, one of the moments that I enjoy the most is when i am in the workshops reviewing the pieces of furniture, or rugs that we design especially for our projects. i love to get involved in my works, not only from the paper and pencil when I am doing the architectural and interior project, but even to the moment of powdering myself in the work or the workshops. i think that as architect and designer I get involved in the manufacturing processes, together with the masters – they are the real stars of the works – the projects are amazing and full of energy.